Beta Coach FAQ

The cambyo Process – For Coaches

Thank you so much for being a part of this round of our private beta. Together we are creating a truly amazing experience for people who are looking to develop their intimate lives. In our daily lives, we are meeting so many people that are craving the ability to work on their intimate lives, yet they are not aware of all the potential resources that could be at their fingertips. Now they have a home to address these topics through the generosity of your time. So thank you for that.

This is the second beta we are running and we are excited to run future iterations with you to create a wonderful product together.

How does this work?

In a nutshell here is how this round of the beta flows:

  1. Client discovers their matching coach on cambyo website
  2. Client requests session through our website
  3. You will receive e-mail from us with an intro to the client
  4. You schedule the intake session according to your availability
  5. If the client wants to continue, you book the follow-on sessions through the cambyo store
  6. You schedule sessions with the client directly

Easy, right?

How does this work? The detailed version!

We will be continuously attracting many young adults (roughly ages 25-45) who would like to work with a sex and relationship coach. Our aim is to find them a coach that is the best fit for what they want to work on and their personality – eliminating the scariness and awkwardness of the whole process for clients.

For this private beta round starting the week of September 19th, we have 14 clients and 7 coaches.

Through our client facing website, each of the clients is screened for what they want to work on and the type of person they want to work on it with. Our aim is to match the attributes they choose with attributes of the coaches on our roster, the end result being a real-time recommendation of three coaches that are potentially a great fit for the client to work with. The clients see their results on a personalized page that will only have 3 coaching profiles, giving the client enough information to browse each coach’s profile and ultimately pick who they would like to speak to for an intro call.

Once the client requests an intro call with you, there will be an intro email from us connecting you and the client. The intro call is a free 45 minute intake session where you and the client introduce each other and assess for fit. It is on you as the coach to schedule that call with the client. If the client expresses interest to move forward on the call, we would like you to book the future session(s) with the client during the call through the cambyo Square store. Schedule the next sessions in their calendar and immediately email us to let us know the outcome of the intake call.

There are 3 options for the client to book:

  1. One 1hr session for $150 USD
  2. Five 1hr sessions for $140/hr ($700 total)
  3. Ten 1hr sessions for $125/hr ($1,250 total)

There is no sales tax on these times. Here is the LINK TO OUR SQUARE STORE. Please bookmark this link so you have it ready during your call.

We will also need you to process the payment in our online store while you are taking the customer’s credit card information over the phone. It is important for you to process the payment because you will be receiving the clients credit card info over the phone. Please DO NOT write down or email their credit card information to anyone. You can find a link to the online store here. Pick the line item in the store that corresponds to the number of sessions that client wants to book (we offer 1, 5 or 10 sessions). You will then see a list of coach names, please select your name so that we know it’s you who made the booking. Then you will be taken to a page where you are prompted to enter the customer’s credit card details, please do so and place the order. The customer should receive an email receipt shortly after.

If you have any questions at all, please drop Matt an email or give him a call and he will be happy to sort that out for you. and +1 647-406-7846.

How many clients can I expect?

We expect the amount of clients to be small in September as we will have 7 coaches and 14 clients. We do however expect this to ramp up once we launch the product to the general public early October. Some of our initial stories now have thousands of views and we only see those figures growing as we find our voice and start getting exposure on other platforms. We had an average of 4.5 sessions booked per client during our first beta round in July.

How does pricing work and how much do I get paid?

We want to encourage bulk purchasing so that clients commit enough resources towards making a change. If there is a discount for the client based on bulk purchase then cambyo and the coach are splitting the discount on a 50/50 basis.

Single 1 hr session: client pays $150, coach receives $100.

5x 1 hr sessions: client pays $700 ($140/hr), coach receives $475 ($95/hr).

10x 1 hr sessions: client pays $1,250 ($125/hr), coach receives $875 ($87.50/hr).

All prices USD and are subject to change in the future based on client and coach feedback. You will have to invoice us for your hours coached as you will all be independent contractors and we will pay you however you like (Paypal, Check, Credit Card etc.). Please invoice us at the end of every month for the sessions you have booked on the platform during that month. If you need an invoicing template, we are happy to help you create an invoice. Our company name is cambyo, inc. and our address is 1423 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110. The session fees and payment rates for all coaches are the exact same.

If you have any questions at all, please drop Matt an email or give him a call and he will be happy to sort that out for you. and +1 647-406-7846.

Have any fellow coaches who would be interested?

Know any other fellow coaches who are awesome and specialize in areas that are different than yours? We would love to hear from them, please intro us at

Please check out these links to learn more about cambyo

We strongly suggest you read our post on values and take a gander through some of the stories on our blog to get a flavor for what we are up to. These stories are often what leads the client to us, so it will be nice to have an idea of what we’re talking about. You can also take a look at our website here