Beta User FAQ

The cambyo Beta

Hey there,

Welcome to the 2nd round of our private beta coaching service, where we recommend you 3 coaches that are an awesome fit for what you want to work on and who you are. We are trying to do everything we can to take away the scariness and uncertainty from trying to develop your intimate life.

Here’s how this round will work…


  1. Go to the cambyo coaching discovery site
  2. Pick your coach
  3. We intro you to the coach for a 45min free intake call
  4. You book sessions with the coach if you think it is a good fit

And here the details

Firstly, you will click here and answer a handful of questions about what you want to work on. Please use your laptop for this round. The topics are broken down into eight high-level categories, each high-level category selected will lead to many more specific topics that you may be interested in working on. When you make it to the next page, you will want to select all the topics that you are curious about addressing. It is a very common human experience to be struggling with something, if you have come here to address that challenge in your life, we strongly encourage you to select that topic so we can ensure that you are paired up with a coach that specializes in exactly that. Please be as honest as you can to ensure the most appropriate recommendations. The results of this questionnaire are 100% private and confidential. We will only share them with the coach you want to work with. Only you and the coach will be discussing what you’re working on.

When you complete the questions, you will receive three coaching recommendations. The coaches are ordered for what we think is best fit from left to right. Please do read through the three coach profiles and when one seems like a good fit, go ahead and click on the ‘book a session’ button to initiate your free 45 minute intake call with that coach. Shortly thereafter we will make an email introduction to that specific coach and the coach will be in touch to schedule a time to chat. To be clear, there is no obligation for you to then purchase sessions with this coach. You will be booking in a free 45 minute intake session with that coach to assess fit. If on the call you like the coach and think that they are a good fit to work with you, then you can go ahead and book your next session(s) with that coach while you’re on the phone with them. If you decide it’s not a fit with that coach, that’s totally cool as well, politely tell the coach that you would like to explore other coaches or take some time to consider this and then we can set you up with one of the other recommended coaches. Drop Matt an email if you have any questions along the way at

What are the pricing and booking options?

For this round you are able to book 1, 5 or 10 sessions up front.All of the coaching calls will be 1 hour in length and will be conducted over Skype or an agreed upon video conferencing service between you and your coach.

  • 1 session costs $150USD/hr
  • 5 1hr sessions cost $140USD/hr
  • 10 1 hr sessions cost $125USD/hr

What if there is a mistake, bug, error or I’m just generally unhappy with how this is going?

If at any point something goes wrong in the process, perhaps you’re not happy with your recommendations, or the coach you had the intake call with, just send us an email and we will help get the experience back on track for you. Please keep in mind that this is the first iteration of our product so please do expect that this will not be a perfect experience, which is why we strongly encourage you to email us or give us a call at +1-647-406-7846 if something about the experience needs to be changed or isn’t great.

Feedback is so awesome

We also want to take this opportunity to set the expectation that we would greatly appreciate receiving feedback from each and every one of you in a couple weeks once you are immersed in a coaching relationship and are well on your way to making the changes you desire. No need to do anything for now. We will be in touch to set up a quick chat when the time is right. The only way we can help other people develop their intimate lives is to continue to make this service better for others. Through your feedback, we can make this a reality.

How do I know the coaches are any good?

All of the coaches on our roster are recommended to us by coaches we trust. With some of them we actually worked as clients ourselves in the past. Matt personally interviewed all of them to see if they are good humans, if they have solid experience as a coach and if they know their stuff. Our coaches are comprised of a number of different practitioners ranging from therapists to counsellors to coaches. Some have many formal credentials, some don’t have any at all. We have noticed thus far that credentials don’t necessarily mean they’re a good coach. We have done our best to ensure that the coaches on our roster are amazing, if you have feedback at any time for one of our coaches or perhaps our selection or quality of coaches, please send us an email right away

Are there other comparable services out there?

There really isn’t a comparable service out there, which is why we think it’s so important to address this problem. We are doing everything we can to connect willing clients with awesome, vetted coaches. We have the utmost respect and sensitivity for people’s intimate lives and want to do our best to assist clients in progressing on their journey. If you don’t like any of our recommendations, you don’t have to book at all, and there will be nothing to pay for. You only have to pay once you’ve spoken to a coach for 45 mins, felt the connection and have made the decision to go ahead and work with that person. Given that we are paying these coaches for their time, refunds will not be possible for this beta round.

Good luck in the process and we hope it’s a rewarding journey for you.

Philip & Matt