Brand Partnerships

We Partner With Brands

In alignment with the vision to help people develop their intimate lives, we love collaborating with brands. With our experience in intimacy development and our connection to the community, we help brands create intimacy related events, branding, content and advertising.


Intimacy related brands are adept at raising high hopes and expectations in the minds of consumers. But consumers today are getting increasingly cynical, skeptical and frustrated with brands who simply hold up the desired psychological destination signs (Freedom / Happiness / Calm / Good Relationships) without offering practical support in how to get to those places.

In other words, consumers are increasingly looking for brands to be more ‘meaningful’ and mindful in their message – to genuinely help them to lead more fulfilled lives.

This is where we can help.

The content we develop is rigorous, practical and intelligent and delivered in engaging and playful ways. Supporting brands who can deliver the most inviting ways for people to explore their intimacy is our mission.

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