Collaborate With Us

Want to book us or collaborate on an event? Whether it's a speaking gig, interview, podcast guest spot or conference workshop all the way down to an intimate salon around a dinner table, we'd be delighted to chat. You may have already seen us on outlets like Vice Media, Lululemon Discussions, Thinx Taboo Tour, Future of Sex Podcast, Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, Rebelle Society or Your Friends House. Get in touch with us at or through our contact page.

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Building community and re-shaping the conversation around sexuality is a key piece of our mission.

cambyo salon

We have been hosting cambyo salons across the US and Canada and would be glad to have you there! A cambyo salon brings us together as a community to spark exchanges about intimacy, sex, sexuality and relationships. We vulnerably share from our own perspectives in order to learn from and connect with each other.

At the salon, everyone submits questions that they want to discuss. Then we will vote as a community on which questions we want to discuss. From there it's all about sharing personal stories, insights and unique answers that each of us brings forward. There is incredible power in learning through shared experience and connection.