She was 37, I was 23 — Reflections on nine years of marriage

Straight / Male / 32 / North America / Married / Nine years ago I got married. I was 23 and my partner, Chimene, was 37. Sometimes I get asked if I would recommend marriage for someone in their early 20s. I answer ‘no’ every time. But then again, I would rarely recommend marriage anyways. […]


I Cheated On My Wife

Mostly Straight (Bi-Sensual) / Male / 28–32 / North America / Married / Hello hello. Welcome to another story from one of our friend’s intimate lives. We think it’s wrong that there is no reliable place to learn about intimacy and make changes to your own intimate life. Sadly, we still don’t know what’s happening […]


What I learned from my introduction to polyamory & BDSM

Bisexual / Female / 24–28 / North America / Polyamorous / I’ve always considered myself to be monogamous. Yes, even through my promiscuous university years. I never thought of polyamory as a legitimate lifestyle choice. In fact, I never even knew what it meant. That has since changed. It all started about five months ago. […]